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 OCT 17th - 24TH 2017

Con Artist Collective, New York City

Metro Texture is a group exhibition of street photography that celebrates the urban experience. This is taken both figuratively, with portraits of city dwellers, and literally with images of uniquely urban patterns of palimpsest, light and rust.

The concept for the was born out of curator Liam Cotter’s abiding fascination with the textures of metropolitan objects and features. Natural wear on man made objects, peeling layers of paint on a beam, plaques and features left over from previous uses and and patterns of wear caused by the passage of generations of feet on stairs are both aesthetically appealing and historically interesting. Upon further contemplation it was obvious that the people who were responsible for those textures were inseparable in some sense from them. The varied and beautiful fabric of human experience is woven by the simple activities of day to day living.

In keeping with the variety of urban life, great care was taken to maximize the variety of work and diversity of artists represented. The call for entries was open to “Professionals, amateurs, professors, students, anyone with a good photo to share.” The resultant group contains professional photographers, students, teachers, a coffee shop owner and a programmer. For ,amy of them this is their first public showing of work. 

Liam Cotter
Nolan Rhodes
Denise Tien
Nicholas Hemingway
Marco Vacchi
Karl Peterson
Gregory Alders
Josef Pinlac
Thomas Drysdale
Andrea Edeman


Samy Ruby
Nathan Laux
Peter Hopkins
Kat Zhao
Jackie Neale
James Senzer
David Tu Sun Song
Troy Barrow
Cris Favero
David Vega


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