Large Format Fine Art Printing 

Pricing and Preparing Files

All pricing is based upon the type and quantity (in square feet) of paper used for a print job to reach the final size. 


  • color profile: Adobe RGB 1998 (for color images), greyscale (for black & white images)
  • file format: 8 bit, flattened TIFF
  • image resolution: 300 DPI
  • correct output size (including any borders you want)
  • no masks in channels or LZW compression

Important Note About Sizing. 

Pricing is based on the paper required to reach your desired final sheet/output size.  Due to differences between the aspect ratios of images and various paper sizes it may not be possible to get your image to print at a given size without adding boarders, cropping or resizing it. We will always consult with you while taking your order and if a discrepancy comes up later we will contact you before proceeding. 


Paper Sizes, Finishes, and Brands

The 4900's 17 inch print path and roll spindle allow for printing on cut sheets from 8x10 to 17x22. Prints from roll paper are limited only by the length of the roll. 


A wide range of paper textures/finishes are kept on hand from Matte to Luster to Metallic Gloss (additionally, black ink switching allows for quick change overs, allowing multiple finishes in the same order) 


The papers are chosen based on first hand experience, we have used (and sometimes abused) all of them before deciding they pass muster. At the moment we stock papers from premium paper mill Moab and the world renowned, German made Hanhemule

Fine Art Printing Explained 

We offer Archival Inkjet Pigment Prints, AKA Giclée printing. (from the French word for squirt) The printer uses an array of precise nozzles to spray specially formulated ink onto properly prepared paper with great precision. The ink is composed of particles of color (the pigments) floating in a suspension which evaporates, incorporating the color into the paper. This makes the image archival, that is to say, resistant to fading over time or from exposure to light. Similar care is taken to use only the highest quality archival papers which will also stand the test of time without breaking down or discoloring. As a result, prints prepared this way can last up to 200 years if properly stored and cared for. By contrast, the cheaper dye based processes used in more common processes have archival 

Why does that matter?

Because it's rarely possible to keep prints in ideal conditions. Sunlight, changes in humidity and so on can and will shorten the life of a print. (Just think of the shoeboxes of yellowed photos from before you read this and knew better. By starting with the most durable materials possible you can 


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Equipment and Workflow

All work is done in a color calibrated workflow utilizing highly accurate Eizo self calibrating display technology. Prints are produced by an Epson SureColor P9000.  The P900 has a 44" wide print path and uses 10 archival pigment inks to create rich, colors lasting up to 200 years.


Premium Rush Services - 24 Hours A Day 

On a tight deadline? Had a disaster? Never fear. Our Midtown based printing studio is open by 10 AM-6PM by appointment. Premium rush service is available 24  is available (for additional fees 24hrs a day / 365 days a year and even on holidays. If you're in a hurry we can help you.  

Just call us at  +1 917-667-9267 for an on the spot quote!