Metro Texture

About The Show

Metro Texture is an upcoming group exhibition of street photography from around the world. The show seeks to celebrate the unique beauty of the urban experience. Any photographers whose work showcases and celebrates the forms or the inhabitants of the metropolis are encouraged to apply. 

How To Submit

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: August 31st 2016 at 11:59 PM

Selections Announced: September 4th 2016

HANGABLE ARTWORK DUE BY: October 15th 2016


Step 1: Read All Steps Carefully and Fully Before You Begin

Step 2: Fill Out This Questionnaire 

Step 3: Prepare your files for submission via this Dropbox Request accprding to the following guidelines.

Please Submit A Maximum of Five (5)  Images, 1000 pixels on the longest side @ 100 dpi

Please Name Your Files In Following Format LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_TITLE_SIZE(Inches)

 Step 4 : Submit File Upload and Questionnaire

If you have difficulty uploading or any other questions please contact

Terms And Conditions 

By Submitting and/or participating, all Artists agree to be bound by these Terms.

All Content of and Participation in Metro Texture is subject to change and is at the sole discretion of the Curator(s)

All Artworks are to be offered for sale to the public and in the event that a sale occurs the Artist and the Curator(s) shall split the sale price. The Artist shall receive 70 percent of the sale price and the Curators shall receive 30 percent of the sale price. 

In the event that an Artist receives financial or other assistance in the completion, presentation, transportation or other cost associated with their Artwork and said Artwork is sold, Curator will be reimbursed in full for said costs out of the sale price, the remainder will follow the aforementioned 70/30 split.